South Texas Fighting Championship (STFC) Orders An Third Customized Belt from Pro Am Belts

Double click here to add textPro Am Belts is no stranger when it comes to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). For over 3 years the Toledo, Ohio based belt maker has supplied nearly 200 promotions across the US with fully customized championship belts. In this blog, we’ll take you to the Lone Star State.

They say every thing is bigger in Texas! That couldn’t be more true with what Pro Am Belts supplied for Texas based MMA promotion, South Texas Fighting Championship (STFC).

When contacted by STFC, Pro Am Belts had the task of developing belts that was befitting for STFC champions. 

We were asked to make two belts. On each of the main plates, we incorporated a silhouette of Texas that stands proudly behind the STFC logo. Each belt weighs 10 pounds and is tripled stacked with a combination of chrome and gold. Jewels are strategically placed across the belt.

STFC is now a satisfied customer that has officially ordered a third belt for its next champion.

Pro Am Belts continues to fill the needs for customized belts to a wide audience. From sport promotions, fantasy draft leagues, the entertainment industry, non-profit organizations, birthday parties, to celebrations, Pro Am Belts has something for everyone!
South Texas Fighting Championship Pro Am Belt

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