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ProAm Belts has worked has to develop this exclusive belt for racing, and worked closely with co-founder Paul Strickland Jr. of Vidane Racing. This racing series involve 12 premier circuits that will test the endurance and skills of the drivers. 
See their website for an updated schedule, and also more information for viewership options. Vidane was created in the summer of 2007, originally as a NASCAR Heat-based league. This belt is inspired by the racing steering wheel and texture. The high quality soft leather strap and snaps complete the belt to be a superior custom championship belt for Vidane Racing
Please visit by clicking the linkto their offical website for a lot more information with their exciting Series for International racing for Vidane Racing
Vidane was created in the summer of 2007, originally as a NASCAR Heat-based league
Home Open for Vidane Racing is on Oct 25th 2013 and there will be over 80 drivers competing through 12 different races. A very exciting series that you must look in!
proam belts custom INDY vidane racing belt
Vidane International Racing Custom Belt