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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1)  Is It $30 for a belt? ! ? ! ?

---No, sorry our belts are not $30 for a custom championship belt, the $30 is the extra charge to customize the belt. For example a belt is $165 we charge $30 extra to customize the entire belt in all the specific blank areas, so the total would be $195 the belt.

2) How long does it take to get a stock belt customized  or premier custom (non stock) in hands / delivered?

----We will do a layout and after you approve the layout and make payment it will be 4-5 business days during normal season, and then we ship our via UPS which is then (depending on where you are located) delivered within 1-5 business days. Rush orders of 2 days or less have a $50 surcharge.
DURING peak season,  (fantasy football championship belts) it will be around 7-10 business days for production on custom championship stock belts

NON stock premier custom belts can vary from 3 weeks to 5 weeks depending on complicity of the championship world title belt, as seen here on Premier Custom Championship Belts

3) What Materials are the championship title belts made out of ?

----We use different types of metal (NOT PLASTICS) from brass, nickle, aluminum, and other types of metals depending on the type of belt we are making from customer request. We make a variety of straps being a leather, synthetic leather, and commercial grade waterproof water with vinyl and fur backside to with designs and colors.

4) What types of files do I need to send for best results with customize stock belts?

----- Any high res files work the best,  ( ai. eps. pdf.vector for example) If you look at the image on the computer and it's blurry, then the result will be the same. We can not increase quality of poor images. We can use jpegs for example, but once again make sure they are large and good quality for best results.

5) What types of images can I put on the belt, and what about watermark images ?

--- We can't remove any watermarks, and any images you send to use for your personal custom belt is your responsibility. We do not sell or advertise any official merchandise from any organization, everything here is custom work for hire and personal use, unless you are authorized by occupation.

6) Do you make authentic replica belts?

--- No, find someone else to make something illegally. ProAmBelts inc. is obligated by legal business ethnics and law which is another reason we are recognized internationally for quality and assurance.

7) I like a stock belt, but want to change the layout of the belt and or remove an image already etched into the belt, can I do this?

----NO, only customize the appropriate blank areas on each belt, and there are examples to show the blank areas. Some stock belts we etched images into the belt, for example our fantasy football championship belts or top dog, Sparta, and unstoppable, thus if you don't want that image on the belt look at all the other stock options designs, like Prophet or Emperor. 

8) Do you offer engraving on the belts?

--- Nope, can't please everyone but now we only offer commercial grade vinyl print on the blank areas of the stock belts. Our belts are unique and awesome and think of our belts like a car door and what would happen if you engrave an image on that car door. There is a chance the paint or chrome / gold lacquer would chip and flake off ,  view here for more info with customizing our championship stock belts

9) I sent an email with all the logos and description of what I want, how long to get a reply or layout?

----Please give us about 24 hours to reply (not including weekends)  If you haven't heard back from us feel free to give us a call please! Normal business hours in eastern time zones, occasionally we have staff working on artworks during after hours. 

10) Do you ship international? ( we ship from Ohio)

--- Yes, general shipping to Canada is $25-$35 dollars and other international options would be around $60-$75 for areas of example like UK or Australia, but yes we do ship internationally.