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Custom Championship Title Belts and awards
​Custom Championship Title Belts

ProAmBelts was honored to make 17 custom championship title belts for and their fighting video game tournament. The belts were a huge success, thanks to the production crew at ProAmBelts and to Alex Jebailey and his crew for the designs. The tournament was a huge success and can IGN wrote an article prior to the event. IGN is the biggest name in video games with social media events, and they were kind enough to write an article which you can read the full article and see by clicking here IGN CEOGAMING PROAMBELTS ARTICLE
The belts were a huge success at GEOGAMING in Florida, and we were excited to see pictures of this event. The events hosted 2600 people and then thousands of other online spectators and followers. Hard work pays off for Alex Jebailey, CEO of CEOGAMING, and make sure to visit their website and check out all their awesome upcoming events by clicking here
The CEO custom championship title belts involved 17 different fighting games including Marvel Vs CapcomSoul CaliburSmash BrothersMortal Kombat, and many more. 
CEO ordered fully custom premier belts, and they plan on making going above and beyond what their competition by offering  cash prizes and custom championship belts from ProAmBelts.
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