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Exclusive deal for our facebook friends and fans. We extend this discount for $25.00 off any of our belts that are in stock that is customized for Fantasy Football Belts , and these are great belts that are affordable for everything. We make these belts in economy style selections at a lower price that will not wear and tear over the years. These economy style belts we make with substitute materials like synthetic leather strap and thinner brass platting for the fantasy football championship belts and all economy style belts in stock. Our standard style or medium duty belts are about 2mm thick brass platting, and we make these with many different options of a superior tooled and embossed leather strap, 18k gold lacquers, chrome, stacked platting for a 3D look and much more for our stock selection. To see our we customize our stock custom championship belts you should visit customizing our stock and see the quick and very popular process that takes about 2-3 business days during normal volume, occasionally its 4-5 business days during peak times.  Go to our facebook page ProAmBelts  and just send us a message on Facebook to place your order and we'll send an invoice for the discounted championship belt. 
We also make superior belts that are world recongized, these belts are not stock and we they are fully customized belts and we can just about make anything, but it will take about 3 weeks to make after the artwork is approved by you, to see some images of some premier belts we've made please visit our premier championship title belts page. These belts can range from anywear from $350-$900 dollars and the most expensive the belt the heavier and more superior features, our heavier belt has been recorded to weight 14lbs! ProAmBelts is internationally recongized and a great company to be a part of, we take pride in all of our customers and have a huge following of great customers and referrals and plan to continue to grow our business and provide the best custom championship belts at the lowest prices! Thank you for reading about this Facebook Fantasy Football Sale
ProAm Belts LLC.
Custom Championship Belts, Title Belts, and Stock Belts. 
Lowest prices and highest quality. USA Company. Customized 
Personalized Title Belts for Fantasy Football award trophy in within 5 business days
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